NAU Teach

Have you ever thought about teaching science or mathematics? Join the NAUTeach learning community to connect with others who want to learn more about the teaching profession.

Get help with challenging courses that are part of your major by engaging in student study groups and working with NAUTeach Master Teachers. The NAUTeach learning community sponsors group activities and advising along with a serious inquiry into exploring the teaching profession.

Common courses

Seats in certain high-demand classes will be reserved for NAUTeach learning community residents. Your adviser will help you enroll in these courses, which you will attend with other members of your learning community. Visit priority enrollment to find out more about enrollment and advising. Seats will be reserved in:

TSM 101 - Step One: Inquiry Approaches to Learning

Students explore the teaching profession through observations and teaching science or mathematics lessons in elementary classrooms. Under the guidance of a Master Teacher and working in a team, you will observe an elementary classroom and be supported in the planning and teaching of three inquiry-based science or mathematics lessons in grades 3-6.

MAT 125 - Precalculus Mathematics (depending on major)

This course covers the concepts of function, graphs, absolute value, linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, and systems of equations, in addition to analytic geometry. Students in the learning community who qualify for this course will be enrolled in the same class section.

MAT 136 - Calculus Mathematics (depending on major)

Building on the foundations of precalculus, this course covers the calculus of one variable including basic concepts, interpretations, techniques, and applications of differentiation and integration. Students in the learning community who qualify for this course will be enrolled in the same class section.

PHY 101- Introduction to Physics (depending on major)

This course introduces students to physical principles, reasoning, and problem-solving techniques for students not meeting the prerequisites for PHY 111 or 161.

PHY 161 -University Physics I (depending on major)

First course in the three-semester introductory physics sequence.

Past activities and events

Each year, learning community residents can take advantage of exciting and meaningful activities planned for them by their community mentor and hall staff. Past events that were held in the NAUTeach include:

Welcome gathering

Meet other learning community residents and discuss future activities and events.

Field trips

Students will visit schools in Northern Arizona so they can have the opportunity to work with K-12 students and teachers from different backgrounds and cultures.

Interaction with classroom teachers

Students can participate in informal dinner meetings and socials with practicing classroom teachers to learn more about the field they are pursuing.

Study groups

Students will have the opportunity to participate in structured study groups for difficult classes supported by upper division students and mentor teachers.

Advising program

Discuss your schedule, future academic plans and career options with an expert in your field.