Eco House learning community

The Eco House learning community is a residential and academic community that focuses on making positive environmental change through:

  • environmental research and education
  • community engagement
  • personal change

Approximately 20 Eco House residents study their personal impact on the environment and use this knowledge to promote environmentally sustainable living within the university and Flagstaff community.

This learning community is ideal for students if you’re considering majoring in:

  • environmental science
  • environmental studies
  • biology
  • forestry
  • geology
  • related fields

Common courses

Seats in certain classes will be reserved for Eco House residents. Your adviser will help you enroll in these courses, which you will attend with other members of your learning community. Visit priority enrollment to find out more about enrollment and advising. Seats will be reserved in:

FS 111 -Water in the Southwest 

This seminar uses a systems approach to analyze water allocation, use, and reuse in the Southwest. It also examines the balance between the water needs of humans and Southwestern ecosystems. Hands-on practical learning opportunities are a vital component of the course. Fulfills liberal studies requirements.

Past activities and events

Each year Eco House residents work with residence hall staff and the faculty liaison to plan exciting and meaningful activities. Past events that were held in the Eco House include:

Welcome gathering 

Meet other Eco House learning community residents, learn about activities, groups, and clubs on campus, and discuss upcoming Eco House events.

Challenge course 

Connect with other Eco House residents as you:

  • develop leadership skills
  •  collaborate to solve problems
  •  build trust
  • improve your communication skills

Eco House faculty dinner

Meet environmental professors in an informed setting so you can learn about their classes, research, and what they think it takes to become a successful environmental professional.

Service-learning field trips

Get your hands dirty by working with local environmental non-profit organizations to bring environmental change to Northern Arizona by:

  • planting trees for ecological restoration
  • harvesting locally-grown vegetables at Leupp Family Farm
  • learning about local environmental policy

Applied research and design building tour 

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the earth-friendly practices that were used to build the university's newest LEED-certified building, including:

  • recycled denim insulation
  • porous concrete parking lots,
  • a living roof
  • passive solar insulation

Community engagement

Participate in the Northern Arizona Sustainable Living Fair and Flagstaff Earth Day celebration in order to share your understanding of environmental issues with the Flagstaff community beyond the university.