Our work in Roatan is primarily education based, with a focus on erosion control. We have had three trips to the island, and are planning another for this summer that continues work on erosion control, but also incorporates solar power. Teach a man to fish...  

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Students! There are many ways to get involved, here are some little things that you could help with:

  • Learning and teaching other students about the culture in Roatán
  • Find and communicate potential grant opportunities
  • Research logistics of travel, especially with fragile solar panels.
  • Specialize yourself in Health and Safety, and make yourself a required member of the team!

Professionals, thank you for visiting our site. We are always looking for assistance with the following:

  • PV System Design
  • Water Distribution System Design
  • International business or development
  • Honduran culture
  • Grant writing 

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Project Background

Policarpo is a community of over 1,400 people located on the island of Roatán. The island of Roatán is approximately 30 miles from the coast of Honduras in the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest of the bay islands. It stretches 37 miles, maintaining a width of less than 5 miles. In October of 2008 four seniors in the engineering department of NAU took on a design project in Roatán. The goal was to define the technical aspects of a waste water system to support an underdeveloped area. The team traveled to Roatán for a site assessment of the area and collected the necessary data for the installation of the waste water system. The design was not implemented, but the plans and data were retained and are being analyzed by the Roatán team. 


Our Partners

Living Water for Roatán (LW4R) - Henry Zittrower, president of LW4R, initiated contact with Global Engineering Outreach in the fall of 2009, and the relationship has grown since then. Visit the LW4R site to learn more... 

Local Government Members - The members of Policarpo have organized a local governmental body. Global Engineering Outreach is currently working with this group and other community members to ensure that all projects arise from the community.


The Need

Over 1,400 people live in the community of Policarpo. Many of these people have fresh water but lack the means to store it. A majority of the population has electricity, but is not using it to treat waste. Many have cars but the area’s dirt roads are seriously eroded, preventing travel. Waste management is nonexistent, so trash and sewage builds up in small arroyos and eventually runs into the reef, threatening the stability of the oceanic ecosystem. The lack of waste management and poor water quality has contributed to high incidences of disease and an increased mortality rate in the community. 


Global Engineering Outreach Implementation

Members of Global Engineering Outreach have focused initial efforts on assessment of the possible projects in Policarpo. Initial work has consisted of tackling issues of erosion control through implementation and education. A trip during the summer of 2011 led to the completion of two check dams being constructed in the community. Because community members were an integral part of the construction of these two, they are able to lead in the construction of additional dams that will hopefully prevent regular destruction of the road.



Joe Preston is the current Honduras Project Lead. Joe is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student interested in international development. Contact Joe to get involved with the Honduras project.