The Ghana project was the first project adopted by Global Engineering Outreach-NAU. We have been partnered with the small village of Yua since 2007, and have done many things with the community members. 



Yua is located in Northern Ghana, just south of the Burkina Faso border in the Upper East Region. Yua is part of the seven distinct communities that comprise the Eastern Corridor of the Kassana-Nankana District. In 2006 a man from Yua, Dr. Anthony Akunzule (Executive Director of GAPNET), sent a development proposal to Engineers Without Borders-USA in an effort to improve the quality of life for people in Yua. In the fall of 2006 Global Engineering Outreach accepted this proposal and there-in partnered with the Yua community. This partnership has continued as multi-year endeavor.


Our Partners

The Ghanaian People's Network (GAPNET) - a local NGO that brings together various local and international groups in order to improve the quality of life for all Ghanaians.

Afrikids - A local NGO that works for the welfare of children in Northern Ghana. Visit the Afrikids site to learn more.

The Need

Approximately 3,500 people live in the Yua area and do not have adequate access to water and sanitation facilities. This has contributed to the existence of preventable disease, sickness, and death in this community. The high child mortality rate in this area can partly be attributed to waterborne diseases that come from dirty water.

Global Engineering Outreach Implementation


Northern Arizona University's involvement with NAU began in 2006 with an assessment trip. There have been four subsequent implementation trips since then over the next five years. The following is a list of the types of projects implemented. 

Water Plaza: A solar powered water pump connected to a tank, supplied water and shade near the communities market area. It was implemented in 2007, but due to heavy rain during the weather came to a state of much needed repair in 2011. In the winter of 2011-2012, the rotten wooden shade structure was taken down, a new solar structure built, a mechanical pump installed, and the functionality of the pump was assessed (see the above slideshow). This work was continued over the winter of 2012-2013, and additional connections were made within the community to facilitate improved maintenance and longevity of the water plaza.

Solar Powered Lighting: During the first implementation trip, a solar lighting system was brought into the area's secondary school. A second lighting system was installed during the last trip in 2012 on two primary schools, and a third has been installed by the community on a third primary school. The lighting systems on the primary schools reuse solar panels taken from the original water plaza.

Drip Irrigation:The community constructed a pilot drip irrigation system during the winter 2011-2012 trip.

Nurses' Quarters:Perhaps the most ambitious construction project Global Engineering Outreach has completed so far, the Nurses' Quarters in Yua is a building that houses the two government sponsored nurses. With better accomodations, nurses are more willing to work in the community. See a slideshow of the construction of the Nurses' Quarters here...



We are currently considering closing out this project, so there is no project lead. To get involved or check the status of our work in Ghana, please contact  Global Engineering Outreach-NAU.