News and Updates

05/12/17 - Dr. Patrick Jantz (PI) received a $62,000 grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for a project "Informing UN-assisted National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plans with Earth Observations: Application to Forest Integrity and Connectivity."

03/28/17 - Dr. Scott Goetz (PI) received a $53,540 grant from the Woods Hole Research Center for a project "Understanding the Causes and Implications of Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Exchange in the Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems."

03/28/17 - Dr. Fatemeh Afghah (PI) has received a $174,998 grant from the National Science Foundation for a project titled "A Computational Framework to False Alarm Reduction in Intensive Care Units."

03/08/17Dr. Viacheslav Fofanov (PI) has received a $223,572 grant from the AZ Biomed Research Commission for a project titled "Quantifying the Biological Component of Early Childhood Caries Health Disparities in Preschool Children of Northern Arizona."

02/09/17Dr. Scott Goetz (PI) has received a $836,693 grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for a project titled "Mapping and Modeling Attributes of an Arctic-Boreal Biome Shift: Resource Management Implications Within the Above Domain."

11/07/16 - Dr. Scott Goetz (PI) received a $228,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for a project "Determining the Vulnerability and Resiliences of Boreal Forests and Shrubs across Northwestern North America."

10/17/16 - Dr. Ben Ruddell joined a team led by Peter Groffman to publish a vision piece titled "Moving Towards a New Urban Systems Science" in the journal Ecosystems.

10/12/16 - Dr. Bertrand Cambou was recently interviewed as part of an AAAS series: 5 Questions for a Scientist: Inventor and Cybersecurity Expert Bertrand Cambou.

09/08/16 - Lecturer Steve Jacobs' article "Grand Challenges for HCI Researchers” appears in Sept.-Oct. 2016 Interactions, published by the ACM Special Interest Group on Human Computer Interaction (SIGCHI). The article was co-authored with colleagues from the University of Maryland and Nova Southeastern University.

09/07/16 - Drs. Crystal Hepp and Viacheslav Fofanov co-authored a manuscript with several other NAU collaborators, now accepted at mBio (pre-print on bioRxiv), regarding an event referred to as the “biological Chernobyl.” This name was coined due to the accidental release of anthrax spores from a secret bioweapons facility in the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk, and it resulted in the deadliest outbreak of inhalation anthrax to date. This collaborative effort included researchers from MGGEN, TGEN, SICCS, CDC, as well as international collaborators in Italy and Argentina. The work has been covered in a Science Magazine commentary, NAU news, and Fox News.

09/06/16 - Associate Professor Ben Ruddell's article "Identifying CO2 Advection on a Hill Slope Using Information Flow" has been accepted for publication in the journal Agriculture and Forest Meteorology.

08/29/16 - Dr. Bertrand Cambou (PI), Drs. Afghah, Razi and Gibbs (Co-PIs) received a $500,000 grant on “Exploiting Nanomaterials for end-to-end Cybersecurity Solutions” from the Arizona Board of Regents.

08/29/16 - Professor Paul Flikkema is partnering with Professor Mounir Ghogho of the University of Rabat, Morocco, on a project titled “Seamless Solar PV Integration in Moroccan Buildings” funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) program.

08/29/16 - Assistant Professor Fatemeh Afghah's paper “Survey of Inter-satellite Communication for Small Satellite Systems: An OSI Framework Approach" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. This paper is a collaborative work with North Carolina A&T State University, JPL, and Polytechnic University of Madrid.

08/25/16 - Associate Professor Ben Ruddell received a $3 Million grant from the National Science Foundation for the project "Mesoscale Data Fusion to Map and Model the U.S. Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) System” in collaboration with researchers from Arizona State University.

08/25/16 - Professor Frederic Loulergue will be presenting a paper titled “conc2seq: A Frama-C plugin for verification of parallel compositions of C programs” at the 16th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, October 2-3, 2016.

08/25/16 - Assistant Professor Kyle Winfree’s article "Comparing Physical Activity Assessment between Fitbit Flex and ActiGraph GT3X Accelerometers in Free-Living Conditions” has been accepted for publication in the journal JMIR mHealth and uHealth .

05/01/16 - Assistant Professor Fatemeh Afghah received the visiting faculty research program award from the Air Force Research Laboratory.