Give your time

Opportunities abound to make a personal impact on the lives of our engineering and science students through the gift of your time.


Mentor current Northern Arizona University students by making yourself available to give tips on academics, careers, and life after college.

Provide a peek into the world beyond academia

Plan tours and educational support at your place of business for our students.
What does an engineer or a scientist or a doctor really do? Show current students how coursework relates to the real world.


Contact prospective students via telephone or e-mail. The goal is to connect our alumni with admitted students, providing incoming students with a full picture of technical and scientific studies at our university.


Host a recruiting activity in your hometown. Speak about your career and your experiences and help current and prospective engineering students learn more about the university and its science and engineering profession.


Serve on the College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences Leadership Council.

More information

For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities, contact the Office of the Dean at 928-523-2408.