Seminars for Spring 2018 are 11:30-12:30 in Geology 103, unless otherwise noted.

Date Day Location Time Speaker Organization Title 
01/24WGLG 10311:30Cody RoutsonSESESMid-latitude net precipitation decreased with Arctic warming during the Holocene
01/29 M ARD large pod  11:00 Kevin GurneyASUThe new science of carbon footprinting and its application to carbon science, urbanization and climate policy
02/07WGLG 10311:30Kelsey WinsorSESESIndirect dating of rock glaciers in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
02/14WGLG 10311:30Michael ErbSESESExploring drought and climate over the past 1000 years through paleoclimate data assimilation
02/21WGLG 10311:30Mark SalvatoreNAU Physics and AstrophysicsUnraveling the Martian Paleoenvironment through Orbital and In Situ Investigations
02/28WGLG 10311:30Denielle PerrySESESDragons, Dams, and Dinosaurs: the Evolution of China's River Principles and Policies
03/07WGLG 10311:30Mellisa YinSESES, Society of Women EngineersArizona Hydrological Society Intern Scholarship Information Session
03/12 M GLG 223 11:30 Craig LundstromDepartment of Geology, University of Illinois A new view of water in magmatic systems: implications for ore deposit formation, climate control and eruption triggering
03/28WGLG 10311:30Marina Fisher-PhelpsNAU's Foster LabMobile acoustic transects detect more bat activity than stationary acoustic point counts in a semi-arid and agricultural landscape
04/04WGLG 10311:30Sara SoutherLCIDigging deeper: Population-level dynamics influence ginseng response to climate change
04/13 F GLG 10311:30Todd HalihanMcEllhiney LecturerThe Future of Water: Data or Instincts?
04/18WGLG 10311:30Robert K. ShriverUSGS Southwest Biological Science CenterFrom individuals to ecosystems: how environmental variability shapes ecological processes in water-limited ecosystems
04/23 M GLG 103 4:00 Masaki HayashiUniversity of CalgaryAlpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World
04/25WGLG 10311:30Steven SemkenArizona State UniversityPlace-Based Geoscience Education: Theory, Research, Practice, and Assessment
05/02WGLG 10311:30Sasha Stortz and Clare AslanLCIThe Greater Grand Canyon Landscape Assessment: Outcomes and Futures