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About me

I am currently a senior at Northern Arizona University, and transferred with an associate of arts from Windward Community College in Hawaii fall of 2009. I am a triple major in environmental studies (BS), anthropology (BA) and biomedical science (BS), with an additional minor in chemistry. Although these three fields seem disparate in nature, all have collectively provided me with a unique perspective on the human condition in relation to our environment, each other and as individuals. It is my hope to one day become a rural family physician, with a focus on providing care to medically underserved communities. 

Current research

My current research focuses on the complex relationship between diet and health, and I am currently working with bio-archaeologist Dr. Corina Kellner at NAU’s Paleodiet lab. We are specifically interested in developing a quantifiable method for examining the role that corn plays in the weight status of modern individuals.  Stable isotopes from hair samples of individuals will be analyzed to determine the amount of corn in his/her diet, and it will be compared with his/her percent body fat (PBF) measurements to ascertain if there is a correlation.

Past research and personal interests

Throughout my educational career I have been involved in internships, research and community projects involving local and sustainable food systems and community development. My personal interests include going for hikes, practicing Bikram yoga, swimming in the ocean and beach bumming. I also love a good cup of green tea at a local coffee shop while studying or people watching.

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