Dwight F. Clark

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Interest & Goals

I am currently a junior at Northern Arizona University, and pursuing a degree in Forestry and certificate in Wildlife Ecology and Management. I am interested in studying how wildlife, specifically herpetofauna, respond to forest management practices. I would love to work for an agency that would provide me with the opportunity to make recommendations as to how to manage forests for multiple human benefits, and simultaneously provide suitable habitat for native wildlife species.

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My Research

I am currently studying how herpetofauna native to northern Arizona respond to thinning treatments including residual slash piles. We are comparing herpetofauna species abundance and richness in thinned and unthinned stands. In addition, we have built slash piles in each stand and are measuring their use of those piles. Given that thinning practices are frequently implemented in northern Arizona forests, and there is relatively little data on the responses of herpetofauna to these practices, our study has the potential to document patterns of herpetofauna behavior and distribution in management-altered environments.  

About Me

I grew up in Peoria, AZ, but probably spent more time in the unadulterated forests and deserts of Arizona than I did in my hometown.

My love for the outdoors and wildlife was sparked during my youth by the many camping/hunting trips I enjoyed with my family. As I became older my interest in non-game animals grew, and I became increasingly aware of how land management was fragmenting habitats for many species, and subsequently threatening their survival. That knowledge is what led me to NAU to pursue the degree and certificate that I am.

I consider myself to be immersed in my research and coursework; however, I always find the time to play guitar, camp, and enjoy the company of those closest to me.