Yaguang Xu


Ph.D., 1989, Geological Sciences, Changchun University of Earth Sciences, Changchun, P.R. China 

Ph.D., 2001, Geographical Information Systems, York University, Toronto, Canada 

Research Interests

Ecological mapping using remote sensing imagery and ground measurement; method research for geological and environmental analysis; software and tool development for image processing and nature resource management; geographical information system design and construction; and geodatabase administration and web application development.

Yaguang is currently the Geospatial Database Manager at RITA, USDOT and Adjunct Faculty at Northern Arizona University.

Publication Examples

1. Xu, Y., B. G. Dickson, H. M. Hampton, T. D. Sisk, J. Polumbo and J. W. Prather, 2009. Effect of mismatches of scale and location between predictor and response variables on forest structure mapping. PE&RS, V. 75, No. 3, p. 313-322.   

2. Xu, Y., J. W. Prather, H. M. Hampton, E. N. Aumack, and T. D. Sisk, 2006. Advanced exploratory data analysis for mapping regional canopy cover. PE&RS, V. 72, No. 1, p. 31-38.

3. Dickson, B. G., J. W. Prather, Y. Xu, H. M. Hampton, E. N. Aumack, and T. D. Sisk, 2006. Mapping the occurrence and probability of large fire ignitions in northern Arizona. Landscape Ecology, V. 21, No. 5, p. 747-761.

4. Hampton, H. M., Y. Xu, J. W. Prather, E. N. Aumack, B. G. Dickson, and M. M. Mowe,  T. D. Sisk, 2003. Spatial Tools for guiding forest restoration and fuel reduction efforts. In: Proc. 2003 ESRI International User’s Conference, July 7-11, San Diego, CD-ROM available from ESRI. 

5. Xu, Y., and Q. Cheng, 2001. A fractal filtering technique for processing regional geochemical maps for mineral exploration, Journal of Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment and Analysis, V.1, No. 2, p.147-156

6. Xu, Y. and Q. Cheng, 2000. Geochemical and geophysical data processing aided by “multifractal-spectrum“ filters for GIS-based mineral exploration. Journal of China University of Geosciences, V. 11, No. 2, p.128-130.

7. Cheng, Q., Y. Xu, and E. Grunsky, 2000. Integrated spatial and spectrum method for geochemical anomaly separation. Natural Resources Research, V. 9, No. 1, p. 43-56.Your browser may not support display of this image. 


Email: Yaguang.Xu@dot.govYaguang.Xu@nau.edu 

Tel: 1-202-366-9316