Dr. Abe Springer

Abe Springer


BS The College of Wooster, 1987
MS The Ohio State University, 1990
PhD The Ohio State University, 1994

Contact Information

Office: Geology (bldg #12), room 206
Phone: 928-523-7198
E-mail: abe.springer@nau.edu
Personal website

Research interests

Dr. Springer and his students study local and regional groundwater flow systems and human impacts on them, apply principles of sustainability to aquifer management through models, quantify the hydrological function of groundwater dominated ecosystems, the role of land-use change and disturbance on groundwater flow systems, and restoration of riparian ecosystems.  Most of these studies are interdisciplinary and consist of a mix of field and lab work, and basic and applied research.  He has collaborated with ecologists, botanists, plant physiologists, foresters, land managers, engineers, and many different sub-disciplines within the Earth Sciences.


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