Lisa A. Skinner

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M.S. in Geology, Northern Arizona University, 2005

B.S. in Geology, Temple University. 2002

Research Interests



Lisa Skinner is Course Coordinator for the popular First Year Learning Initiative course Geologic Disasters, and regularly teaches several sections of that course every academic year.  In this role, she devotes most of her time to integrating the latest disasters into the course curriculum, finding new ways to excite students about geology, and helping inspire students to appreciate the natural world around them.  She also regularly teaches the capstone geology major course Advanced Field Geology and offers a summer study abroad course to Santorini, Greece, each year.  That course, “The Cataclysmic Eruption of Santorini Volcano,” takes students first to Athens, Greece, and then to Santorini to study physical processes and effects of the last major eruption of Santorini Volcano (known as the Minoan Eruption).  Lisa’s research interests are in the physical processes related to subaqueous volcanism and applications of GIS in solving geologic problems such as reconstructing plate boundary movement through time.  Currently Lisa is collaborating with NAU E-Learning and SmartSparrow to build adaptive courseware for her Geologic Disasters course, which will personalize a students' learning experience by creating individualized pathways through the content.  




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NAU in Greece: The Cataclysmic Eruption of Santorini Volcano (student blog) (hyperlink to


Selected Publications: 


Skinner, L.A., and Darin, M.E., 2017, Miocene intra-continental, shallow subaqueous volcanism in Verde Valley, Arizona, USA – a permanent record of a temporary lake.  Abstract 203289 presented at AGU Chapman Conference on Submarine Volcanism, Hobart, Tasmania, 30 Jan – 4 Feb.   


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Martz, J., Skinner, L.A., Parker, W., Raucci, J., Umhoefer, P.J., and Blakey, R., 2012, Geology of Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona Geological Survey Contributed Map CM-12-A, 1 map sheet, map scale 1:50,000, 18p. 


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Skinner, L.A., Martz, J.W., Parker, W., Raucci, J., Umhoefer, P.J., 2010,Geologic mapping as a method for the construction of a detailed and testable lithostratigraphic model for the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation of Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Abstract B51F-0405 presented at 2010 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 13-17, Dec.


Skinner, L.A., Haxel, G., and Umhoefer, P.J., 2010, Geology of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona: NPS Online Data Store. Scale 1:250,000. 



Office: Building 12, Room 211

Phone: (928) 523-5814