R. Scott Anderson


Title: Professor, Environmental & Quaternary Sciences
Degrees: PhD, University of Arizona, Paleoecology & Environmental Science; MS University of Maine, Paleoecology; BA University of Colorado, Environmental Biology.

Research interests

  • Disturbance ecology, primarily the effect of fire and insect infestation on former plant communities
  • Paleoecology and climate history of plant communities
  • Global change issues, especially as they relate to human activities in forested ecosystems

Research projects

  • Biogeography and disturbance history of mixed conifer forests of the Sierra Nevada, California
  • Vegetation, climate and disturbance histories of the Southern Rockies and Colorado Plateau, southern and coastal California, southeast Alaska, the Southwestern Deserts, Argentina, and Spain
  • Inter-annual variation in climate and vegetation as recorded in annually laminated sediments in California and Colorado

Visit my home page at the Laboratory of Paleoecology for more information.