Dr. Larry T. Middleton


Associate Professor


PhD, University of Wyoming



Research interests

Research and teaching interests are in sedimentary tectonics/basin analysis, sedimentary petrology, and processes of sediment transport. Specific research projects include basin analysis of late Mesoproterozoic siliciclastic sequences in central Arizona; reconstruction of Cambrian depositional systems in the Rocky Mountains and northern Sonora, Mexico; fluvial and eolian interactions in Mesozoic strata on the Colorado Plateau; provenance of Triassic siliciclastics, southern Colorado Plateau; sedimentologic and petrologic reconstructions of Mid-Paleozoic depositional systems, N.W.T., Canadian Arctic; provenance studies of mid-Tertiary deposits in the Jaca Basin, Spanish Pyrenees; petrology of modern river sands in the Spanish and French Pyrenees; provenance analysis of Early Devonian siliciclastics in Co. Kerry, southwest Ireland.


Office: 200 Frier Hall (Building 12) 
Phone:  928-523-2429
E-mail: Larry.Middleton@nau.edu