Dr. Thomas D. Hoisch

Hoisch 230


PhD in Geological Sciences, University of Southern California, 1985
MS in Geology, Vanderbilt University, 1982
BA in Geology Pomona College, 1979


Office: Geology (bldg #12), room 227
Phone: 928-523-1904
E-mail: Thomas.Hoisch@nau.edu
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Research Interests

Dr. Hoisch pursues studies in the area of Metamorphic Petrology with the goal of inferring the tectonic processes associated with burial and exhumation. He has conducted research throughout the western US, focusing on problems related to Cordilleran orogenesis. Dr. Hoisch integrates several approaches, thermodynamic modeling of mineral chemistries to establish pressure-temperature (P-T) paths, 2-d numerical thermal modeling of thrusts and detachments, thermochronology, and field relationships. In addition, he utilizes several techniques to evaluate P-T conditions and paths (thermobarometry, calculation of pseudosections, differential thermodynamics).  In order to place P-T paths into a quantifiable tectonic context, he performs numerical simulations of the thermal effect of thrusting and exhumation using planar and listric fault geometries using computer codes he has published. Various geochronologic techniques are employed to determine the timing of garnet growth and the cooling of an area. Cooling histories are determined mainly by Ar-Ar thermochronology. In recent studies, he has determined garnet ages using the Lu-Hf method and the in situ dating of co-crystallized monazite inclusions.  The geochronologic data combine with the P-T path data to provide the constraints necessary to prepare numerical simulations of thermal history and infer both rate the rate of slip and dip along faults that buried the rocks, leading to their metamorphism, and their subsequent exhumation.



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