Clare Aslan

Aslan, Clare




University of California, Santa Cruz

David H. Smith Conservation Research Postdoctoral Fellowship: 2010-2012

Academic Advisors: Dr. Erika Zavaleta, Dr. Bernie Tershy, Dr. Don Croll

Practitioner Advisor: Dr. Rob Robichaux

Research Topic: Dissecting taxon substitution: Can non-native mutualists rescue native species from extinction?

University of California, Davis

Ph.D., Ecology.  Date of Completion: June, 2010

Dissertation Advisor:  Dr. Marcel Rejmánek

Dissertation Committee Members:  Dr. Marcel Holyoak, Dr. Tom Hahn

Dissertation Title:  The role of bird-mediated dispersal in plant invasiveness

Area of Emphasis:  Conservation Ecology

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

B.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology summa cum laude with honors, December 2000

Minor:  Humanities

Honors Thesis Title:  An overview of biological invasions and an analysis of the impacts of alien house mice in a native Hawaiian ecosystem