For Prospective Students

The Master of Science Program in Environmental Sciences and Policy combines required interdisciplinary core courses with a breadth of specialized classes from across the University. This degree program is characterized by strong advising from accomplished faculty for individualized student programs of multidisciplinary study, including research and applied projects that often reach across campus and into the greater community. The diverse student population including international and minority students forms a strong peer cohort that provides support for study and extracurricular adventures. The 2-year program's rigorous training in the natural and political sciences prepares graduates for successful environmental careers in industry, government, and the non-profit sector. Please visit our Current Students and Alumni webpages to learn more.

How to Apply

1. Connect with an advisor: Research, identify, and contact one or more faculty advisors while applying to the program. Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty directly with ideas and questions regarding graduate study at NAU and should be prepared to discuss their backgrounds, specific areas of interest, and career goals.

2. Prepare your application: Prepare all application materials, including transcripts and GRE scores. See the NAU Graduate College Application website for details. 

3. Apply online: The application deadline is January 15 for admission in the following Fall semester.


There are no minimum test scores rather applications are considered in their entirety. Science prerequisites include at least one undergraduate chemistry, biology, or ecology course with a lab, though it is possible to be admitted provisionally while completing foundational coursework. Successful applicants come from a diversity of undergraduate programs ranging from engineering to biology to communications, and more. Please see additional NAU eligibility requirements on the NAU Graduate College Admissions Policy website.

Degree Requirements

A student's Program of Study includes a thesis requirement. This allows the graduate student to combine advanced academic training with original scientific research or with practical problem solving. The Program of Study is tailored to the specific needs and interest of each student. All of this information and more is available in the Graduate Student Handbook.