Friday Lunch Clubbe


The Friday Lunch Clubbe is an organization of ex-NAU Geology graduate students. Our mission is to support current graduate students in the department. We do this primarily by sponsoring a yearly grant program to provide financial assistance to current graduate students for their summer field research and occasionally offering financial assistance for field trips and yearly social events. The FLC originated in the middle/late 1970s as a satirical concept of a student organization by the geology graduate students.  Once the original founders graduated and got real jobs, they formed the group as an alumni organization and we have been providing support for the geology graduate students ever since.

FLC grants will be awarded at the banquet date to be announced, so we need your response ASAP. Apologies for getting these out so late. Next year I will strive to get them out earlier.

Please see This Year's Applicants for all the applications & student recommendations submitted. Like always, you can also download all the application & recommendations at one time by clicking here.

Please Email your:

  1. Top 4 Choices (1 being your absolute favorite)
  2. Choice comments on any and all proposals
  3. The amount you will be donating, if any.  Remember - you don’t need to donate to rank the proposals or send your comments and whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.

Please send these to me ASAP & absolutely by 4/24 

FLC Grant Information

Here's how to play: Each candidate has turned in their application as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to check out the applications.

If you would like to see each applicant with a link to the application and student recommendation go here.

Once you've perused the applications, rank your top 4 choices and send them back to Matt by email by April 24th. The awards will be given out at the Geology Banquet date to be announced. 

 Also, the comments that are sent in with your picks about the student, their grant, his/her advisor, etc. are really valuable - and usually highly entertaining, so keep 'em coming. They provide Matt with an opportunity to embarrass the student, and give them a valuable "real-world" perspective on their project.

Good Luck with your picks this year and again, if you experience any problems, please contact me and let me know.

How to Donate

Please send your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations to:

The NAU Foundation
c/o The Friday Lunch Clubbe
P.O. Box 4094
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4094