Mathematics placement table

 To take this COURSE

requires THIS MINIMUM PERCENTAGE on the ALEKS Placement Test

or a grade of C or better in this PREREQUISITE
MAT 226 Discrete Mathematics65%MAT 125
MAT 136 
Calculus I
65%MAT 125
MAT 131 Topics in Calculus60%MAT 108, or MAT110*, or MAT119
MAT 125 Precalculus50%MAT 108 or MAT 110*
MAT 119 Finite Mathematics50%MAT 114
STA 270 Applied Statistics40%MAT 102X
MAT 150 Principles of Mathematics I30%MAT 102X
MAT 114 Quantitative Reasoning30%MAT 102X
MAT108 Algebra for Precalculus30%MAT 102X
MAT 102X Intermediate AlgebraNo longer offeredMAT 101X
MAT 101X Beginning AlgebraNo longer offered--
MAT 100 Mathematics Pathways< 30%--

*MAT110, College Algebra, is no longer offered at NAU. It is included here for the assistance of students who have its equivalent as transfer credit.

Students enrolled in a mathematics course who have not satisfied the placement requirements for the course by the first day of class will be required to drop the course.

Transfer students whose mathematics placement does not reflect transfer credit for coursework in which they have obtained a university or college grade of A, B, or C in the required prerequisite courses may need to provide proof that they have met the prerequisites in order to have their mathematics placement updated.

Additional information and recommendations

If you want to try to improve your math placement, you can take the NAU ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test again up to a maximum of three times. Before taking the test again, you should complete a thorough study/review process on your own, with a tutor, or using the ALEKS Learning Module.

Even after reviewing and retesting, you might not be able to improve your placement. Some students need to complete a refresher course before moving on. This should not be considered a setback.  Rather, it is establishing a firm mathematical foundation on which to build in future courses.