The CEFNS server

You can store and access data on the CEFNS server through the campus network and via the internet.

There are two mathematics and statistics directories on this server:

  • classes—contains materials for use in courses, as provided by faculty
  • faculty—a private storage area for use by faculty and staff only

How to connect

From a mathematics and statistics computer lab

  • Go to my computer.
  • Find the drive you would like to access.

Through a wired connection on campus

Using a Microsoft Windows computer: 

  • Open my computer and type \\cefnsshares into the address bar.
  • Open the Math folder.

If your computer is not on the domain:

  • Type \\ This will bring up an authentication dialog box.
  • In the username section, type either nau-students\username or nau\username, substituting your correct username.
  • Type your password in the box.
  • Open the Math folder.

Using an OSX computer 

  • On the Finder menu bar, click Go, then Connect to Server.
  • In the bottom text box type: smb:// You will then be presented with a dialog with 3 text boxes.  
  • Put either nau-students or just nau in the domain text box.
  • Put your username in the next text box.
  • Put your password in the last text box.

Using a wireless connection (on or off campus)