Faculty Forms

Absence Form

Request of Absence Form (ROA) is required for faculty absence but not for travel on university business. In the latter case faculty just need to e-mail the chair.

Department Policy

 Fall 2014 


Graduate oral forms

M.S. in Mathematics
M.A. in Teaching Mathematics
M.S. in Mathematics Education
M.S. in Statistics

Independent Study/Undergraduate Research/Thesis Approval Form

For the Independent or Undergraduate Study form please click here.
For the Master's Thesis form please click here.

Institutional Excuse Form

Academic Institutional Excuse Form: form used to request students to be absent from campus.

Textbook Order Form 

Textbook Orders: Form used to order books from the NAU Bookstore.



Before starting any trip please check University Travel Policy and Procedures Table of Contents  or the Travel-Policies Index for travel questions. 

The Department Travel Checklist outlines what must be done to file travel reimbursement.

The Application for travel authorization and funding  needs to be filed and approved by the Chair prior to departure.

Travel Forms (including the Exhibit J Form). Exhibit J's are to be filed within two weeks of returning from a trip.


The following Per Diem & Lodging Rates (meal, mileage, and lodging) may be useful when planning travel.

To check the current and prior years Per Diem Rates click here.

We have updated the Annual Travel Certification form to align with recent policy changes (CMP 420-01 as well as Travel Policy) regarding repayment of excess advance monies.