Research Question Information

Each participating school is invited to work on a research question in advance of the competition date.  Students, working individually, in a small group or as a class, will bring their results to the Yavapai County Math Contest for submission.

In answering the research question, students are required to produce more than a simple numeric answer with a box around it. Students (individually or in teams representing their school) are expected to:

  • show / explain their thinking as they formulate their solution
  • generalize their results
  • express results for interesting special cases
  • explore how their results can apply to similar problems / situations

Submissions may be handwritten, typed, or word-processed and might include diagrams, models, computer programs or any other illuminating material. They must be saved as a .pdf document and sent to by January 17th, 2019 for scoring. Entries will be judged on completeness, correctness, insight and clarity of exposition.

Work will be recognized at the end of the event with an award for the best results.  The outcome of the Research Question will have no bearing on the scoring scheme mentioned with the contest information.

The 2019 Research Project will be posted here soon.