Parking Information

Here is a campus map.   Ashurst Auditorium is upstairs in building 11 (3-E on the map). The Student and Academic Services building is building 60 (2-B on the map).

Parking permits

You will need a parking permit for personal vehicles, but not for school buses or any vehicle with state plates. We can provide parking permits for you on the morning of the event, at registration.  Please let us know in your online registration if you will be bringing a vehicle that will require a permit.

Off-Campus parking

If you need a parking permit to park on campus, a good option is to park off campus.  The city has provided a free parking lot a few blocks north of campus on W. Phoenix Avenue, at Mikes Pike (0-H, just off the map).  You can also park in the neighborhoods north of campus or east of campus (1-G and 2-H on the map).  Spaces should be available at all of these locations at 8:30 in the morning.

Parking lots

Buses should park at the Sky Dome lot P66 (12-H on campus map, way down there).  Other vehicles parking on campus should park behind Cline Library in lot P13 (5-C on the map), in the west part of the lot (farthest from Cline).