Contest Information

Team competition

The students will work in groups of 3 or 4 for this written, free-response contest. Teams will have 30-45 minutes to solve 10 problems. The problems will be graded with some partial credit. 

The top eight teams from different schools (not necessarily the top 8 teams) will advance to the Math Face-Off competition later in the morning.

After the Math Face-Off, teachers will receive copies of these problems, correct solutions and the packets containing all of the graded problems for their students.

Calculators will not be permitted for this contest.

Math Face-Off

The Math Face-Off is a College-Bowl-style contest in which the four members of each team have the opportunity to buzz in and answer questions. These questions are mostly computational and can usually be answered quickly.

Scratch paper and pencils will be provided for the teams. No calculators of any kind are allowed.


Please encourage your students to leave expensive calculators at home. They will not be permitted for any of the competitions and may become lost, stolen or damaged during the day.