Department Activities


The department has a number of activities that take place throughout the year:

For faculty and graduate students

The department holds a weekly colloquium at 4pm on Tuesdays in AMB 164.  This semester's colloquium schedule is here

There are several other seminars in the department; information about all of our departmental talks is here.

Statistical Consulting: The department’s Statistical Consulting Lab provides advice to faculty and graduate students across the university.

For undergraduate mathematics majors and graduate students

Each spring the department hosts a Grad Dinner for those graduating that spring or the following summer or fall. This event allows the department to recognize each graduating student in a small, personal setting.

For undergraduate mathematics majors

The Math Club holds regular meetings and raises money through its breakfast table to support undergraduate participation at regional meetings.

The Southwest Undergraduates Mathematics Research Conference (SUnMaRC) is an annual undergraduate research conference for students in Arizona and the Southwest.

There are many summer internship opportunities for mathematics undergraduates including our very own Research Experience for Undergraduates program.

For undergraduates

The Problem of the Week is a weekly contest consisting of non-standard problems. Student submissions are graded and assigned points on a ladder.

The department’s unique Friday Afternoon Mathematics Undergraduate Seminar (FAMUS) is a weekly event consisting of announcements, talks and faculty interviews. Learn what mathematics is about and how the faculty ended up in our department at this popular event. 

Outreach to the schools

The department runs contests for middle and high school students and organizes Math Circles at some of the local schools. Read more.