Master of Science in Mathematics

Do you want to know how and why math is applied in our society?  Or perhaps the theories and thinking behind math algorithms, equations, and methods?  Then this degree will provide you training in both the theory and application of mathematics.

Admission requirements

You must have completed at least 27 credit hours of undergraduate mathematics coursework at the level of calculus and above with a grade of C or better, and have at least a 3.0 grade point average in these courses.

The 27 credit hours must include coursework in linear algebra, real analysis (advanced calculus), and abstract algebra.

Degree details

This program must be completed under the thesis or comprehensive exam plan, as described in the academic catalog.  

Comprehensive exam plan

comprehensive exam plan:

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Under the comprehensive examination plan, you choose one of the following:

    • option A, which has an additional community college teaching emphasis
    • option B, which requires more electives and has no community college emphasis

Thesis plan

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For this 37-unit program, you must: 

  • complete 31 units of coursework as described on the program sheet
  • complete at least 6 units of MAT 699: Thesis

Additionally, you must:

  • have a mathematics faculty member serve as your thesis adviser 
  • get your research committee's approval of your specific thesis plan 
  • perform satisfactorily on an oral defense of the thesis conducted by your research committee

The program sheets below provide more details for each degree plan

If you have specific questions about our graduate programs, please e-mail the Graduate Coordinator.


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