Master of Science in Math Education

Designed for current or future secondary school mathematics teachers looking for more training in the field, this program is offered online.

Note: this degree is only an option for those accepted for Fall 2012 or after.

Admission requirements

You must have completed at least 23 credit hours of undergraduate mathematics coursework at the level of calculus and above with a grade of C or better, and have at least a 3.0 grade point average in these courses.

These 23 credit hours cannot include the teaching methods courses (such as MAT 301, 302, 401, 402) and must include:

  • Calculus II (MAT 137)
  • Applied Statistics (STA 270)
  • Foundations of Mathematics (MAT 320W)
  • at least 9 hours of upper division proof-based coursework (including MAT 320W)

It is highly recommended that the 23 credit hours include Modern Geometry (MAT 365), Abstract Algebra (MAT 411) and Introduction to Analysis (MAT 431) since these topics will be expanded upon in MAT 505, MAT 504, and MAT 506, respectively.

Degree details

An in-person comprehensive oral examination at the end of the program must be taken to graduate.  See the program sheet for more degree details:

Current and recent program sheets

Program courses

  • MAT 500: Reflections on/in Mathematics Education
  • MAT 501: History and Philosophy of Mathematics Education
  • MAT 502: Problem Solving Theory and Practice
  • MAT 504: Connections – Algebra and Number Theory
  • MAT 505: Connections – Calculus
  • MAT 506: Connections – Geometry
  • MAT 507: Connections – Probability and Statistics
  • MAT 508: Technology in Mathematics Education
  • MAT 509: Assessment in Mathematics Education
  • MAT 510: Curriculum in Mathematics Education
  • MAT 600: Equity in Mathematics Education
  • MAT 602: Research in Mathematics Education
  • MAT 603: Capstone Course: Comprehensive Exam and Portfolio

 Schedule of courses can be found at the bottom of the Course Rotation page

If you have specific questions about our graduate programs, please e-mail the Graduate Coordinator.


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