Become a graduate teaching assistant

Each year, the Mathematics Department awards up to 20 half-time graduate teaching assistant (GTA) positions to students in the MS and MAT programs. About half of these positions are awarded to new students and about half go to returning students.


In this position, you will receive:

  • a competitive stipend ($14,213 for the 2012-2013 academic year)
  • a waiver of the non-resident portion of tuition and a waiver of 100 percent of resident tuition for each semester of the appointment
  • a waiver of the student health insurance premium


As a first-semester GTA, you will:

  • teach one section of MAT 114 (Quantitative Reasoning) or a similar course
  • complete other assigned duties (typically paper grading or computer lab monitoring)
  • participate in a GTA training program

After the first semester, your regular duties will be to teach two sections of MAT 114, MAT 119 (Finite Mathematics), or STA 270 (Applied Statistics), or a similar course. Occasionally, first year GTAs may also assume this role.

You are responsible for all aspects of the courses assigned, including:

  • preparing lectures
  • holding regular office hours
  • assigning and grading homework
  • writing and grading examinations
  • assigning course grades

You are expected to complete a 9-credit hour course load (per semester) in your program while appointed as a GTA.

Statistical Consultant / GTA

If you are pursuing the MS in Statistics, there is also the possibility in the second year of working as a consultant (GTA) in the Statistical Consulting Lab, staffed by the statistics faculty and available to campus-wide faculty and graduate student researchers.