Extended Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

This degree was discontinued in 2011, but we will be keeping information on the degree as a reference and resource for those still enrolled in the program before its cancellation. 

This degree requires no minor and gives you a more extensive selection of courses. If you would like to pursue a graduate degree or career in one of the focus areas below, this degree is for you.

Degree requirements

To earn this degree, you must complete 120 credit hours, with 30 of them required to be upper division courses.

Focus areas

Advice on which courses to take to support career goals is provided in focus areas:

  • actuarial careers - work in the insurance industry and related areas
  • careers in statistics - pursue a career in statistics
  • careers in applied mathematics - cover a wide range of application areas
  • preparation for graduate study in mathematics - pursue a graduate degree in mathematics or a related area

Degree details

See the program sheet for more degree details:

Grade policy

No grade below a C in a mathematics or statistics course will count toward the requirements of this program.

For detailed information on courses and placement exams, head to the academic catalog