Seminar Schedule Spring 2017

Date InstitutionTitle
2/24Alexanndra HeyertNAU, Lindberg GroupLiterature Seminar
3/3John GibbsNAU PhysicsSwarming behavior in active colloids facilitated by an effective long-range attraction and magnetic dipole-dipole repulsion
3/10Julian HerringNAU, Hurst GroupLiterature Seminar: Parade of palladium – Self-assembly of tetravalent Goldberg polyhedra from 144 small components
3/17Spring Break
3/24Zabrina NoffzNAU, Lee GroupLiterature Seminar – Paper Title: Characterization of Volatile Organic Gunshot Residues in Fired Handgun Cartridges by Headspace Sorptive Extraction
4/7Ryan SteeleUniversity of UtahQuantum Chemistry and Molecular Motion 

4/10 (Monday)
1:00 pm, Bldg 17 Room 111

Kahla MerrettNAU, Koppisch GroupThesis Defense - The Exploration of the Scope of the Antibiofilm Activity of Choline Geranate, a Deep Eutectic Solvent
4/14Shannon LamyNAU, Class project for Dr. HurstLiterature Seminar – Paper Title: Influence of Symmetry on the Luminescence and Radiative Lifetime of Nine-Coordinate Europium Complexes
Joshua GreeneNAU, Koppisch GroupLiterature Seminar - Effect of Farnesol on Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Formation and Antimicrobial Susceptibility
4/24 (Monday) 2:00 pm, SHB Room 211Porter MarshNAUThesis Defense – Influence of Salt, Water and Cross-linker Concentration on Cation Solvation and Diffusion in a Polymer Membrane
2:00 pm, SHB Room 502
Daniel BegayNAU, Ingram GroupThesis Defense

5/3 (Weds)
12:00 noon, Bldg 20 Room 225

Kevin GreenwoodNAU, Duis GroupThesis Defense: The Development of a Two-Tiered Diagnostic Instrument to Assess Acid/Base Misconceptions in Organic Chemistry Students

(1 pm)

Timothy JaynesNAU, Duis GroupThesis Defense: Examination of the "Flipped" Classroom in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry


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