Exercise Science Club

2016-2017 officers

President:                         Kali Morris
Treasurer:                        Brian Hamilton
Secretary/Web Master:    Patricia Biason
Event Coordinator:          Kevin Cazares
Faculty Member:             Dr. Sara Jarvis


All meetings are in the Exercise Physiology Lab - Science Lab Facility, Room 101

Current membership

Joining the Exercise Science Club is a great way to meet people who share your interests. The Club meets about once a month, so the time commitment is reasonable. Most of the people in the Club will be in your classes, or possibly have already taken the classes that you are taking. If you find yourself struggling in a class, the Club members a great resource for help. Also, the EXS Club offers ideas about volunteer opportunities and possible careers. The Club is a great way to jump-start your future!

Club activities

The Club has a meeting about once a month. Guest speakers are frequently invited. Previous speakers have included an Occupational Therapist, a PT, as well as a panel of first year PT students. The Club is also involved in philanthropic and recreational activities. 

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