The guidance you need to succeed

Take the confusion out of pursuing a degree in the biological sciences by using our advising resources.

Most important 

  • Know your catalog. The requirements for your degree are listed in the catalog when you start your college education, and you are responsible for meeting these requirements.
  • Visit the Biological Sciences Advising Center in the Biological Sciences Building (building 21), rooms 202,  257, and 258. Our full time academic advisor and several biological sciences faculty advisers are here to help you.
  • For an appointment please call 928-523-3842

We suggest taking an average of 15 credits per semester to earn your degree in eight semesters (four years).

Take prerequisite courses first and build on your knowledge as you progress.

Planning your undergraduate courses: 

Please visit the degree Progression Plans site to plan your four-year plan.

For freshmen or future biological sciences students

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For undecided majors or freshmen who are considering biological sciences as a field of study, visit the Gateway Student Success Center to pick your courses and seek degree advisement.

Transfer students

If you are transferring to our program from another institution and want to receive credit for coursework completed at that institution, request approval by contacting the Biological Sciences Advisement Center. Use the  link to view those courses transferable from the Arizona Community College System to NAU.

If you intend to take biological sciences course from another Out of State institution please request approval from the Biological Sciences Advisement Center before you take the course.

Waiving a course

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Under some circumstances you may be able to substitute one course for another required class.  To do this, you must request to modify your program using our Class Waiver/Substitution form.

If you receive approval for a deviation from the catalog requirements, you must meet with your biological sciences advisor to make certain the request has been approved and entered into our degree progress report.


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You’re required to complete your Graduation Application the semester before you are to graduate.

  • Please fill out the online application found on the Registrar’s website under Graduation. Submit this online.
  • Print a hard copy of the one page application form sign it and be sure to have the  signature(s) for any minor(s) you list prior to handing it in to the Biological Sciences Advisement Center (BLG 21, rm. 257).

As a helpful tip, use the Degree check function in Louie to make sure you have all of your degree requirements fulfilled.


For detailed instructions on how to make sure you’re ready for graduation, visit the Graduate College website for checklists for master’s and doctoral programs, forms, and the next steps you’ll need to take to file for graduation.


For simple questions, email one of the Biological Sciences advisors

For an appointment please call the Advisement Office, 928-523-3842