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What Darwin Got Right--Dr. Stephen Shuster (courtesy NAU News)

Please click on the link to access A History of the Department of Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University, 2014. by Lee Drickamer. The link is to Cline Library's digital archive.

NAU News--Nishikawa leads team to a Keck Award

Dr. Rob Kellar, Biology 201 lecturer for NAU Biological Sciences AND biotechnology entrepreneur--read this article from the Arizona Daily Sun
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NAU IGERT Graduates; Where are they now?

Department Growth, Faculty Authors, and Faculty Honors


NAU Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series, Thursdays at 4:00 PM in Physical Sciences (Building 19), Room 103

Spring, 2015




Title of Seminar

NAU Host

January 15     3MRP, Maribeth Watwood.Three Minute Presentation (3MRP) This presentation oriented toward Graduate StudentsKirsten Slaughter-Rice

January 22

Peter Nelson, PhD, Collaborative Fisheries Research West, Santa Cruz

Integrating the human dimension with conventional coral reef ecology and fisheries management: an on-going collaboration with remote Pacific island communities in Yap State, Micronesia

Dr. Steve Shuster

January 29

Julie Neilson, MS, Kartchner Research Group

Making a living while starving in the dark, survival strategies of microbes in the dark reaches of Kartchner Caverns, AZ 

Dr. Greg Caporaso

February 5


February 12

Bridget Barker, PhD, NAU and Translational Genomics Research Institute
Blowing in the wind: searching for the human fungal pathogen Coccidioides posadasii in Southern Arizona 
Dr. Nancy Johnson

February 19

Ken Keefover-Ring, PhD, Lindroth lab of chemical ecology, Wisconsin The role of chemistry in plant-animal interactions in a changing worldDr. Liza Holeski

February 26

Stephen Shuster, PhD, NAU Invertebrate zoology and sexual selection Sabbatical seminar

March 5

Ted Schuur, PhD and Michelle Mack, PhD, NAUClimate change and the permafrost carbon feedback  

March 12

Dr. Dawn Birdsell, NAUFrancisella tularensis in Eurasia: new insights to genetic changes evaluated across geographic distance and time 

March 19

Spring Break!

March 26

Stephen T. Jackson, PhD, Director, DOI Southwest Climate Science Center (USGS), Professor of Geosciences, U of A, Professor Emeritus of Botany and Ecology, University of WyomingComing to terms with time in ecology

Dr. Seth Munson

April 2     

Ben Sikes, PhD, University of Kansas, soil ecologyThe potential for feedbacks between fire and fungiDr. Nancy Johnson

April 9

Lisa Whitenack, PhD, Allegheny CollegeSnail vs. crab: biomechanics and coevolution through Florida's last 5 million yearsAnthony Hessel

April 16

Clinton MoranA fish tail: locomotor functional morphology of Arizona's endangered chubsPhD defense

April 23

Becky MuellerMicrobial community response to global change: measuring biodiversity below groundDr. Catherine Gehring

April 30

Don Edwards, PhD Uzma Tahir