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What Darwin Got Right--Dr. Stephen Shuster (courtesy NAU News)

Please click on the link to access A History of the Department of Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University, 2014. by Lee Drickamer. The link is to Cline Library's digital archive.

NAU News--Nishikawa leads team to a Keck Award

Dr. Rob Kellar, Biology 201 lecturer for NAU Biological Sciences AND biotechnology entrepreneur--read this article from the Arizona Daily Sun
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NAU IGERT Graduates; Where are they now?

Department Growth, Faculty Authors, and Faculty Honors


NAU Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series, Mondays at 2:15, Biological Sciences (Building 21) room 256. Refreshments BEFORE seminar in Biological Sciences 2nd floor lobby.

Fall 2015
Date     SpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost
14 SeptemberMichael F. AllenLeaf cutter ants: engineering gas fluxes in a neotropical forestUC RiversideDr. Karen Haubensak
21 SeptemberDr. Jeff GarnasNovel interactions and complex feedbacks:  Forests, insects and microbes in a changing worldForestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Pretoria, South AfricaDr. Tom Whitham
28 SeptemberHeather Kropp   Understanding the effects of plant neighbors on water fluxes: from leaves to ecosystemsArizona State UniversityDr. Kiona Ogle
5 OctoberDr. Sara JarvisNeural and non-neural control of blood pressure in humansBiological Sciences, NAUFaculty Seminar
12 OctoberDr. Spencer MassMaking heads and tails of xenoestrogens in planarian regenerationSUNY-New PaltzMichael Minicozzi
19 OctoberDr. Hall CushmanBeyond invasional meltdown: Implications and impacts of co-occurring invasive species and assessing future research needs Dr. Tom Whitham
26 OctoberDr. Nancy JohnsonMycorrhizas in a changing worldBiological Sciences, NAUSabbatical Seminar
2 NovemberDr. Jake KransLessons learned about muscle plasticity and giant sarcomere associated proteinsWestern New England University, MADr. Kiisa Nishikawa
9 NovemberDr. Marcy LitvakUse of a flux tower network to quantify ecosystem processes in southwestern U.S. biomesUniversity of New MexicoDr. George Koch, Dr. Ted Schuur
16 NovemberDr. Jason Wilder    Non-coding RNAs and Cancer (with some kiwis on the side)Biological Sciences, NAUSabbatical Seminar
23 NovemberDr. John ZakSoil microbial and nutrient dynamics in arid and semi-arid landscapes: discovering unexpected system controls of activity Texas Tech UniversityNatasja VanGesel
30 NovemberHelen BothwellLandscape genetic applications for species management under global change: modeling gene flow through complex landscapesBiological Sciences, NAUDissertation Defense
7 DecemberDr. Rich PosnerComputational system biology and precision medicineBiological Sciences, NAUSabbatical Seminar