Travel & Reimbursement

Information for Biological Sciences travelers:

On this page:

  • Funding sources for students
  • Pre-travel requirements
  • Post-travel process
  • Non-travel reimbursements
  • Approving someone else's reimbursement

Are you a student seeking travel funding?

Check out these web pages: 

***When you apply for these travel awards, please put the appropriate contact as the Travel Liaison. If your faculty advisor is part of a Center, check with that advisor and put in the appropriate travel processing employee. If your faculty advisor is directly associated with Biological Sciences, you would put Lois Neff as the Travel Liaison. 

Before travel, Biological Sciences travelers should speak with the travel specialist before you go and submit these items:

Biological Sciences travelers should speak with the travel specialist before you go and submit these items:

  • Annual Travel Certification. This form is required each year, and must be filled out completely, including checking the box about whether or not you are an authorized NAU driver.
  • Permission to travel. Written permission is required for each trip. Paste the following completed information into an email to your supervisor, and the supervisor can forward approval to the travel specialist.]

Travel Permission (copy the following)

I give my permission for the person listed below to travel:

Name of traveler:

Description and destination of travel:

Funding source for this travel: (account number and name of project)

Permission to use personal vehicle:  yes____ no_____(personal vehicle use must be justified below)


Estimated expenditure: $

Additional Information that travel specialist needs:


  • If you are driving your own car and expect to be reimbursed, you must turn in a copy of your proof of car insurance, and you must be an NAU authorized driver. Here is information about authorized driver requirements (scroll down this page to Authorized Driver Program)
  • In addition, if you need to use an NAU vehicle, speak with our business manager, and reserve the car online.
  • Using a personal vehicle and NOT an NAU vehicle must be justified in the permission document.



  • Reimbursement receipts and form should be turned in to the travel specialist within five (5) days of the return from travel. If the travel paperwork does not get processed within 30 days of the travel, there will be no reimbursement.
  • Exhibit J worksheet. The travel specialist, Lois Neff, can send this to you. Please fill it out and send it electronically to the travel specialist.



Non-travel reimbursements 


Must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase

  • Reimbursement forms are available from Lois Neff or in print form outside room 201 in Biological Sciences
  • NAU's official form for reimbursement for group food purchases can be found here:  Business Food-Meal Purchase Authorization 

 If you need to approve someone else's reimbursement:

Find your Worklist.

  • To get into your Peoplesoft Financials Worklist (without linking through email notification)
    From the
  • Click on "P", then PeopleSoft Financials
  • Put in your credentials
  • Click on Main Menu
  • Click on Worklist
  • Worklist will have a list of links to reimbursements, click on the link you want to approve (or
    Send Back to creator)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the Approve button on left
  • You will be redirected to a screen where you click ok to complete the approval