Jason A. Wilder

Wilder 120X170

Associate Professor 
Phone: 928-523-5286
Email: Jason.Wilder@nau.edu
Office: bldg.21 room 229

Research/teaching interests

  • human evolution
  • genetics
  • genomics

Academic highlights

  • PhD: Princeton University, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 2002
  • BA: Williams College, 1997

I am broadly interested in evolutionary genetics, particularly in understanding the forces that shape patterns of genetic variability in nature.

Current NSF- and NIH-supported research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the history of human genes that confer resistance to malaria and the influence of variation in microRNA pathways on cancer susceptibility and progression.

Selected publications

Stump, A.D., S.E. Jablonski, L. Bouton and J.A. Wilder. In press. Distribution and mechanism of α-amanitin tolerance in mycophagous Drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae). Environmental Entomology.

Wilder, J.A. 2010. Molecular evolution of glycophorins. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0022861

Wilder, J.A. 2010. Do grandmothers who play favorites sow seeds of genomic conflict? Bioessays, 32(6):457-460.

Wilder, J.A., E.K. Hewett, M.E. Gansner. 2009. Molecular evolution of GYPC: Evidence for recent structural innovation and positive selection in humans. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 26(12):2679-2687.

Wilder, J.A., J. Stone, E. Preston, L. Finn, H. Ratcliffe and H. Sudoyo. 2009. Molecular population genetics of SLC4A1 and Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis. Journal of Human Genetics, 54(3):182-187.

Brown, B.T., A. Woerner and J.A. Wilder. 2007. Ascertainment bias and the pattern of nucleotide diversity at the human ALDH2 locus in a Japanese population. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 64(3):375-385.

Wilder, J.A., Z. Mobasher and M.F. Hammer. 2004. Genetic evidence for unequal effective population sizes of human females and males. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 21(11):2047-2057.

Wilder, J.A., S. Kingan, Z. Mobasher, M. Metni Pilkington and M. F. Hammer. 2004. Global patterns of human mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome structure are not influenced by higher migration rates of females versus males. Nature Genetics, 36(10):1122-1125.

Wilder, J.A. and H. Hollocher. 2001.  Mobile elements and the genesis of microsatellites in Dipterans.  Molecular Biology and Evolution, 18(3):384-392