Tad Theimer


Phone: 928-523-8374
Email: Tad.Theimer@nau.edu
Office: Bldg. 21 room 337

More info: http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~tct/ 

Research/teaching interests

  • vertebrate biology
  • mammalogy
  • wildlife management
  • ornithology

Academic highlights

  • PhD: Northern Arizona University, 1991
  • MS: Colorado State University, 1983
  • BS: 1980, University of the Pacific
  • Assistant Professor of Biology, 1991-1994, Adams State College, Alamosa, CO
  • Visiting Research Fellow, 1995-1999, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT

My research focuses on human-wildlife interactions and the challenges of maintaining wildlife populations in the face of anthropogenic change. 

Most studies in my lab are field-based studies of vertebrates, mainly birds and mammals, though reptiles and amphibians sneak in occasionally.  

Currently my students and I are involved in several collaborative projects with a variety of private and governmental agencies.

Selected publications

Theimer, Tad C., Catherine A. Gehring, Peter T. Green, and Joseph H. Connell. 2011. Terrestrial vertebrates alter seedling composition and richness but not diversity in an Australian tropical rain forest. Ecology 92:1637–1647.

Paxton, E.B., T. C. Theimer and M.K. Sogge.   2011.  Tamarisk biocontrol using tamarisk beetles: potential consequences for riparian birds in the southwestern United States.  Condor 113:255-265.

Nelson, E.J. and T.C. Theimer.  Translocation of urban Gunnison’s Prairie Dogs. 2011.   Journal of Wildlife Management.(in press)

Stumpf, K, T.C. Theimer,M. A. McLeod and T. J. Koronkiewicz2011.  Distance from habitat edge reduces brood parasitism but not nest predation of southwestern willow flycatchers. Journal of Wildlife Management(in press)