Egbert Schwartz

 Schwartz 120X170

Phone: 928-523-6168
Office: Building 21, Room 250

Research/teaching interests


  • microbial ecology
  • bioremediation
  • ecosystem ecology


  • environmental microbiology
  • industrial microbiology and biotechnology
  • cellular and molecular biology

Academic highlights

  • Post-doctoral researcher: University of California, Berkeley, 2000-2001
  • PhD: University of California, Davis, 1999
  • MS: University of Michigan, 1991
  • BS: Michigan State University, 1988

1. Studies of microbial growth in soil through stable isotope probing analysis.

2. Ammonia oxidizers and nitrification along environmental gradients.

3. Impact of pH and aluminum on microbial populations in soil.

4. Relationships between monsoon rains and soil microbial communities.

Selected publications

Woods, A., M Watwood, E, Schwartz. 2011. Identification Of a Toluene-degrading Bacterium From a Soil Sample Through H218O DNA-Stable Isotope Probing.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 77:5995-5999.

Blazewicz, S. and E. Schwartz 2011. Dynamics of 18O incorporation from H218O into soil microbial DNA.  Microbial Ecology, 61:911-916.

Adair, K and E. Schwartz 2011. Stable isotope probing with 18O-water to investigate growth and mortality of ammonia oxidizing bacteria and archaea in soil.  Methods in enzymology, Vol. 486, Burlington: Academic Press, pp. 155-169.

Heckman, K.A., A. Welty-Bernard, C. Rasmussen and E. Schwartz. 2009. Geologic controls of soil carbon cycling and microbial dynamics in temperate conifer forests. Chemical Ecology, 267:12-23.

White, D.A., C. Rasmussen, A. Welty-Bernard, and E. Schwartz. 2009. Vegetation controls on soil organic carbon dynamics in an arid, hyperthermic ecosystem. Geoderma, 150:214-223.

Adair, K. and E. Schwartz. 2008. Evidence that ammonia-oxidizing archaea are more abundant than ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in soils along an elevation gradient in northern Arizona, USA. Microbial Ecology, 56:420-426.

Collins, J., Dijkstra P, Hart, SC, Hungate, B, Flood, N and Schwartz, E. 2008. Nitrogen source influences natural abundance 15N of E. coli. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 282:246-250.

Dijkstra, P, Coyle, JS, Doucett, RR, Schwartz, E, Hart, SC, and Hungate, BA. 2008. 15N enrichment as an integrator of the effects of C and N on microbial metabolism and ecosystem function. Ecology Letters, 11: 389–397.

Schwartz, E., S. Blazewicz, R. Doucett, B. A. Hungate, S. C. Hart, and P. Dijkstra. 2007.  Natural Abundance δ15N and δ13C of DNA Extracted from Soil.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 39:3101-3107.

Schwartz, E., K. Adair, and E.A.G. Schuur. 2007. Bacterial Community Structure Correlates with Decomposition Parameters Along an Hawaiian Precipitation Gradient. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 39:2164–2167.

 Schwartz, E. Characterization of growing microorganisms in soil through stable isotope probing with H218O. 2007. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73: 2541-2546.

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