Liza Holeski 120X170

Assistant Professor
Phone: 928-523-0701
Office: Bldg. 21 room 427

Research/teaching interests

  • Evolutionary genetics and ecology
  • Plant-herbivore interactions
  • Quantitative genetics and trait evolution in plant populations

Academic highlights

  • PhD:  University of Kansas, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2007
  • BA:  St. Olaf College, Biology, Philosophy, 2001

Selected publications

Holeski, L.M, M.S. Zinkgraf, T.G. Whitham, and R.L. Lindroth. 2013. Maternal herbivory reduces offspring allocation to resistance traits, but not growth, in cottonwood. Journal of Ecology 101: 1062-1073.

Holeski, L.M., K. Keefover-Ring, M.D. Bowers, Z.T. HarnEnz, and R.L. Lindroth. 2013. Patterns of phytochemical variation in Mimulus guttatus (yellow monkeyflower). Journal of Chemical Ecology 39: 525-536.

Holeski, L.M., G. Jander, and A. Agrawal.2012.Transgenerational induction of defense and epigenetic inheritance in plants. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 27: 618-626.

Holeski, L.M., M.L. Hillstrom, T.G. Whitham, and R.L. Lindroth. 2012. Relative importance of plant species identity, genotype, ontogeny, induction, and temporal variation in producing a mosaic of defenses by a foundation tree species. Oecologia 170: 695-704.

Holeski, L.M., R. Chase-Alone*, and J.K. Kelly. 2010. The genetics of phenotypic plasticity in plant defense: Trichome production in Mimulus guttatus. The American Naturalist 175: 391-400.

Holeski, L.M., M.J.C. Kearsley, and T.G. Whitham. 2009. Separating ontogenetic and environmental variation in resistance to herbivory in cottonwood. Ecology 90: 2969-2973. (A “Featured Article”).

Holeski, L.M. 2007. Within and among generation phenotypic plasticity in trichome density of Mimulus guttatus. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20(6): 2092-2100.

Holeski, L.M. and J.K. Kelly. 2006. Mating system and the evolution of quantitative traits:  An experimental study of Mimulus guttatus. Evolution 60(4): 711-723.