Sara S. Jarvis, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: 928-523-0883
Office: Peterson, bldg. 22, room 201
Cardiovascular Regulation Laboratory
Biological Sciences (bldg. 21)  room 128 

Research/teaching interests


  • Human cardiovascular regulation
  • Neural and non-neural control of blood pressure
  • Differences in cardiovascular regulation due to gender and aging


  • Exercise physiology
  • Functional anatomy and kinesiology

Academic highlights  

  • Postdoctoral: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 2009-2011
  • PhD: Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  • BS: University of Puget Sound, 2002

My laboratory is interested in examining the role of neural and non-neural control of blood pressure in humans.  We are particularly interested in the differences in blood pressure regulation between women and men, as well as the changes that occur due to aging and alterations in sex hormone exposure. 

Selected publications

Parker BA, Smithmyer SL, Jarvis SS, Ridout SJ, Pawelczyk JA, Proctor DN.  Evidence for reduced sympatholysis in the leg resistance vasculature of healthy older women. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol  22(2):H1148-H1156, 2007.

Jarvis SS, Levine BD, Prisk GK, ShykoffBE, Elliott A, Rosow E, Blomqvist CG, Pawelczyk JA.  Simultaneous determination of the accuracy and precision of closed-circuit cardiac output rebreathing techniques.  J Appl Physiol 103(3): 864-74, 2007.

Jarvis SS and Pawelczyk JA.  Identification of the human electrical impedance indifferent point: a surrogate for the volume indifferent point?  Eur J Appl Physiol 107(4):473-80, 2009.

Jarvis SS, Florian JP, Curren MJ, Pawelczyk JA.  Sex differences in vasoconstrictor reserve during 70° head-up tilt.  Exp Physiol  95(1):184-93, 2010.

Jarvis SS and Pawelczyk JA.  The location of the volume indifferent point predicts orthostatic tolerance.  Eur J Appl Physiol 109(2):331-41, 2010.

Jarvis SS, VanGundy TB, Galbreath MM, Shibata S, Okazaki K, Reelick MF, Levine BD, Fu Q. Sex differences in the modulation of vasomotor sympathetic outflow during static handgrip exercise in healthy young humans.  Am J PhysiolRegul Integr Comp Physiol 301(1):R193-200, 2011.

Okada Y, Galbreath MM, Shibata S, Jarvis SS, VanGundy TB, Meier RL, Vongpatanasin W, Levine BD, Fu Q.  Relationship between sympathetic baroreflex sensitivity and arterial stiffness in elderly men and women.  Hypertension 2011 Nov 21. [Epub ahead of print]

Jarvis SS, Florian JP, Curren MJ, Pawelczyk JA.  A somatostatin analog improves tilt table tolerance by decreasing splanchnic vascular conductance.  J Appl Physiol [In press]