Emma Benenati

Adjunct Professor
Laboratory Manager, Senior

Research/Teaching Interests 

Ecology of rivers and lakes as affected by abiotic and human factors such as hydroelectric dam discharge variation,  climate related events, wildfire, and regional management policies /  Place-based environmental education, Engaging K-12 science educators in authentic investigation.

Academic Highlights 

1998  Ph.D. Biology - Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

1992  M.S.  Earth Science - Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

1979  B.S.   Education - Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

Selected Publications 

  • Benenati, E.P. and Shannon, J.P.  2005.  Environmental history of the Colorado River: the changing focus of science, In Michael F. Anderson (Editor) Grand Canyon History Symposium.  Grand Canyon Association Monograph. 
  • Shannon, J.P. and Benenati, E.P.  2002.  Essentials of Aquatic Ecology in the Colorado River.  Northern Arizona University Creative Communications Press, 73 pp.
  • Benenati, E.P., Shannon, J.P., Hagan, J.S., and Blinn, D.W.  2001.  Drifting fine particulate  organic matter below Glen Canyon Dam in the Colorado River, Arizona. Freshwater Ecology 16:235-248. 
  • Benenati, E.P., Shannon, J.P., Blinn, D.W., Wilson, K.P. and Hueftle, S.J.  2000.  Reservoir-river linkages: Lake Powell and the Colorado River, AZ.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society 19:742-755.
  • Benenati, E.P.L., Shannon, J.P., and Blinn, D.W. 1998. Desiccation and recolonization of phytobenthos in a regulated desert river: Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona, USA. Regulated Rivers: Research and Management 14:519-532.