Tina J. Ayers

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Associate Professor
Phone: 928-523-9482
Email: Tina.Ayers@nau.edu
Office: Building 21, Room 304-305
Dr. Ayers' webpage
More info: Deaver Herbarium

Research/teaching interests

  • plant systematics
  • biogeography
  • floristics

Academic highlights

  • PhD: University of Texas, Austin, Botany, 1986
  • BA: University of Texas, Austin, Botany, 1979

I teach introductory botany (BIO 284), three different plant ID courses (BIO 414, 415, 517), evolutionary biology (BIO 435C), and biogeography (BIO663).

As a plant systematist I describe new species, revise taxonomy, and study evolution. Most of my research focuses on neotropical plants in one family, the Campanulaceae. My recent graduate students are describing new species of plants in Arizona and Mexico, or completing systematic studies, population genetics studies of rare plants, or floristic inventories of areas in northern Arizona/southern Utah. For more information on these studies, visit the Deaver Herbarium site.

Selected publications

Johnson, E. and T. Ayers.  2015.  Hybridization of a globally rare plant, the San Francisco Peaks Groundsel (Packera franciscana) with a lower elevation congener: evidence from morphometric and molecular data.  Southwestern Naturalist 60(1):56-60.

Palmquist, E., T. Ayers, and G. Alan.  2014.  Genetic and Morphometric Assessment of the Origins and Taxonomic Status of Anticlea vaginata (Melanthiaceae).  Systematic Botany 40(1):56-68.

Jabis, M., T. Ayers, and G. Alan.  2011.  Pollinator-mediated gene flow fosters genetic variability in a narrow alpine endemic, Abronia alpina (Nyctaginaceae). American Journal of Botany 98(10): 1583–1594.

Rhodes, S., and T. Ayers.  2010.  Two new taxa of Scutellaria section Resinosa in Northern Arizona.  J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 4(1):19-26.

Koopman, M. & T. Ayers. 2004. Nectar spur evolution in the Mexican lobelias (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae). American Journal of Botany. 95:558-562.