Faculty Directory

Biological Sciences department chair

Jason Wilder, Chair
Associate Professor, Department Chair
Phone:  928-523-5286
Email: Jason.Wilder@nau.edu
Office: Building 21, Room 229
Jason Wilder

Cellular and molecular biology, and microbiology

Faculty list

Alison E. M. Adams
Genetics, cell biology, and cancer biology

Stephen M. Beckstrom-Sternberg
Associate Professor

Emily Cope

Greg Caporaso
Assistant Professor
microbial ecology, micro-organisms in human health and disease, development of software and methods for studying microbial ecology

Paul Keim
Regents' Professor and Cowden Chair
Genomic analysis, molecular, evolutionary, and population genetics of diverse organisms including bacteria, plants, and animals
Director, Microbial Genetics & Genomics Center 

Fernando Monroy
Professor and Associate Chair
Immune responses to intracellular pathogens

Nathan Nieto
Assistant Professor
Infectious Diseases, Wildlife microbiology

Talima Pearson
Research Assistant Professor
Microbial evolution, population dynamics
Microbial Genetics & Genomics Center 

Richard Posner

Jason Sahl
Assistant Professor
Comparative genomics, algorithm development, functional genomics

Egbert Schwartz
Microbial ecology, bioremediation, ecosystem ecology, microbial fuel cells

Catherine Ueckert
Biological Sciences education, curriculum and instruction

Karen P. Van Winkle-Swift
Regents' Professor (Emeritus)
Genetic and ultrastructural analysis of development in microbes

David Wagner 
Associate Professor
Pathogen genomics, genomic analysis, ecology and evolution of infectious agents
Microbial Genetics & Genomics Center 

Maribeth Watwood
Professor and Dean of the Graduate College
Biodegradation of organic compounds, soil microbial ecology, bioremediation, nutrient cycling, wetland ecology

Jason A. Wilder
Associate Professor
Genetics, genomics, and evolution

Ecology, behavior, and evolution

Faculty list

Gery Allan
Director of EnGGen Laboratory

W. Sylvester Allred
Principal Lecturer (Emeritus)
Animal ecology, Aberts squirrel ecology, and reproductive biology

Tina J. Ayers
Associate Professor
Plant systematics: phylogenetics, biogeography, floristics

Emma P. Benenati
Adjunct Professor
Aquatic ecology, stream ecosystems

Russell Benford
Assistant Research Professor
Director, Field School in Conservation Biology

Bradley Butterfield
Assistant Research Professor
Community ecology, plant functional ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeography

Neil Cobb
Research Professor
Arthropod biodiversity, plant-herbivore interactions, ecology of pinyon-juniper woodlands, climate, and land-use change

Jim Coleman
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Paul Dijkstra
Assistant Research Professor

Catherine (Kitty) Gehring 
Plant-mycorrhizal-herbivore interactions in semi-arid environments in Arizona and tropical rainforests in Australia

Karen Haubensak 
Assistant Research Professor
Community and ecosystem ecology , plant-soil feedbacks, soil food webs, restoration and invasion ecology

Liza Holeski
Assistant Professor
Evolutionary genetics and ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, quantitative genetics and trail evolution in plant populations

Laura F Huenneke

Bruce Hungate 
Ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry roles of plants and soil microorganisms in element cycles, ecosystem renses, and feedbacks to global change

Nancy Johnson
Regents Professor
Mycorrhizal and soil ecology

Benjamin Koch

George Koch
Plant ecophysiology

Michelle Mack
General controls over ecosystem structure and function, plant form and function, in the context of global environmental change

Jane Marks 
Studies of how abiotic and biotic factors structure freshwater food webs; anthropogenic disturbances of watershed nutrient loading and alterations of flow regimes upon river foodwebs

W. Linn Montgomery
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Programs
Biology of fishes, physiology and ecology of reproduction and feeding

Michael Minicozzi

Bret Pasch
Assistant Professor
Animal communication, behavioral ecology, mammalogy, physiological mechanisms of behavior

Peggy E. Pollak 
Senior Lecturer
Plant reproductive development

Christina Schaedel
Assistant Research Professor
Global carbon cycle, permafrost carbon dynamics, ecosystem ecology

Ted Schuur
interactions between terrestrial ecosystems and global change, carbon exchange between plants, soils, and the atmosphere, responses of arctic ecosystems to climate change

Randall W. Scott
Phylogenetic systematics of Ribes (Gossulariacae) and Cirsium (Asteraceae), patterns of speciation and biogeography, floristics of the southwest United States

Philip Service 
Professor (Emeritus)
Population genetics, life-history genetics, and evolution 

Joseph P. Shannon
Assistant Research Professor
Aquatic ecology - River ecosystems and monitoring
Stream response to wildfires

Stephen M. Shuster
Animal mating systems, male and female reproductive strategies, evolution and population structure in marine organisms

Aaron Smith
Assistant Professor
Systematics, entomology

Stefan Sommer
Research Assistant Professor
Insect community ecology, behavioral ecology, pollination ecology, and pedagogical research in environmental and cross-cultural education

Christopher Sthultz
Lecturer, Introductory Biology Classes

Tad Theimer
Vertebrate ecology and conservation biology, specifically the ecology, behavior and phylogenetics of the peccaries and the role of vertebrates in Australian tropical rainforests

Kees Jan Van Groenigen
Assistant Research Professor

Amy Whipple
Assistant Professor

Thomas G. Whitham 
Regents' Professor
Ecology and evolution, plant-herbivore interactions, mutualism

Jut Wynne
Assistant Research Professor
Cave biology, community ecology, biogeography, conservation biology

Physiology and functional morphology

Faculty list

David J Able
Anatomy, pathology

Dr. Loren Buck

Richard Coast
Respiratory and exercise physiology, human performance

JJ Duke
Assistant Professor
Respiratory, cardiopulmonary, exercise physiology

Pauline Entin
Associate Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Comparative physiology, exercise physiology

Alice Gibb
Professor and Associate Chair of Biological Sciences
Morphological and physiological basis of behavior, research methods emphasize biomechanics, physiological ecology, and the evolution of behaviors, and associated physiological systems

Steven C. Hempleman
Neurophysiology and respiratory physiology

Natalie Holt

Kathleen Hunt

Sara S. Jarvis 
Assistant Professor 
Exercise physiology 

Bill Johnson
Associate Clinical Professor
Endocrine mechanisms, pesticide effects on hormones, recruitment and retention of students, curriculum design

Robert Kellar
Associate Professor of Practice, Center for Bioengineering Innovation,
Dr. Kellar's lab
Biomedical engineering: biocompatibility, biomaterials, physiology, and regenerative medicine

Michelle Lee

Jeff Meilander

Stan L. Lindstedt
Regents' Professor
Comparative physiology, muscle plasticity, body-size constraints on function

Michael Minicozzi

W. Linn Montgomery
Biology of fishes, physiology and ecology of reproduction and feeding

Kiisa C. Nishikawa
Regents' Professor
Evolution of behavior in amphibians, aggression, feeding, and locomotion

Bret Pasch
Assistant Professor
Animal communication, behavioral ecology, mammalogy, physiological mechanisms of behavior

Armando Peña

David Pierotti
Physiology of muscle, molecular to whole organism, examining muscle plasticity in comparative, reduced gravity, and other conditions

Catherine R. Propper
Behavioral endocrinology, hormonal regulation of water balance and reproductive behavior in reptiles and amphibians

Adonna Rometo
Lecturer, physiology

Tinna Traustadόttir
Associate Professor 
Exercise physiology 

Frank von Hippel

Christine Westra

Cory Williams

Lori Wilson
Assistant Clinical Professor
Exercise Science