Distinguished alumni

The department of biological sciences has educated some exceptional students over the years. Read their stories below to learn about where they ended up.

Class of 2014

John Chase
MS 2014
John is the first author of an article in mSystems that provides insight into the composition and dynamics of microbial communities in offices, which was widely covered by the popular media including the WashingtonPost. John is now doing cutting edge microbiome bioinformatics work for Biota Technology in San Diego.

Class of 2006

Eric Dinger 
PhD 2006
Research Specialist at Utah State University 

Jeff Gagnon 
MS 2006
Wildlife Biology Technician—Arizona Game and Fish Department 

Heidie M. Hornstra O'Neill 
MS 2006
Research Specialist—Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics 

Class of 2005

Suzanne Cardinal 
MS 2005
Coordinator—Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative
Cody Carter 
MS 2005
Native Fish Specialist for Arizona Game and Fish Department
Samantha Chapman 
PhD 2005
Postdoctoral Fellow—Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Adam Langley 
Ph.D. 2005
Postdoctoral Fellow—Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Carri LeRoy 
PhD 2005
Member of the Faculty—The Evergreen State College
Stu Tuttle 
MS 2005
Wildlife Biologist—USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service 

Class of 2004 

Shirley Bartz 
MS 2004
Environmental Consultant—Winnepeg, Manitoba
Aimee Classen 
PhD 2004
Research Assistant Professor of Ecology Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee and Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Scott Durst 
MS 2004
Biologist—USGS Southwest Biological Science Center
Kristina Ecton 
MS 2004
PhD candidate—University of Mississippi
Lee Ann Harbison 
PhD 2004
Instructor—University of Texas, Tyler
Brook Swanson 
PhD 2004
Assistant Professor—Gonzaga University, WA

Class of 2003

Kristin Covert 
MS 2003
Supervisory Biological Technician—Rocky Mountain Research Station
Kristin Haskins 
PhD 2003
Research Scientist—The Arboretum at Flagstaff
David M.Wagner 
PhD 2003
Assistant Professor—Northern Arizona University

Class of 2002

Heidi Kloeppel 
MS 2002
Research Specialist for Environmental Consulting Firm
Angie Moline 
MS 2002
Doctoral student at Colorado State University
Kristen Pearson 
MS 2002
Research Technician—Ecological Restoration Institute
Gina Wimp 
PhD 2002
Postdoctoral Research Associate—University of Maryland

Class of 2001 

Heather Wesp 
MS 2001
Tenured Faculty—Montcalm Community College, MI

Class of 2000

Karen Mock 
PhD 2000
Assistant Professor—Utah State University