Climate and fire history of the Southern Andes of Argentina


In 2002, R. Scott Anderson began work with his colleagues on a research project in the Andes of Argentina.

Working with Drs. Cathy Whitlock (Montana State University), Vera Markgraf (University of Colorado, retired), and Platt Bradbury (USGS, retired), they spent nearly three weeks scouting potential sites for appropriate vegetation and fire histories in the southern beech (Nothofagus) and related forests.

One of the locations that was selected for additional work was Mallin Vacalauquen, a small bog near the border with Chile in Neuquen Province. This research is part of a larger project headed by Dr. Whitlock, and including many Argentine (including Maria Marta Bianchi) and other colleagues to determine hemispheric patterns of climate and fire history.