Larry Middleton: Sedimentology

Research activities

Research and teaching interests are in sedimentary tectonics/basin analysis, sedimentary petrology, and processes of sediment transport. Specific research projects include basin analysis of late Mesoproterozoic siliciclastic sequences in central Arizona; reconstruction of Cambrian depositional systems in the Rocky Mountains and northern Sonora, Mexico; fluvial and eolian interactions in Mesozoic strata on the Colorado Plateau; provenance of Triassic siliciclastics, southern Colorado Plateau; sedimentologic and petrologic reconstructions of Mid-Paleozoic depositional systems, N.W.T., Canadian Arctic; provenance studies of mid-Tertiary deposits in the Jaca Basin, Spanish Pyrenees; petrology of modern river sands in the Spanish and French Pyrenees; provenance analysis of Early Devonian siliciclastics in Co. Kerry, southwest Ireland.

Paul Umhoefer: Tectonics, basin analysis & structure

Research activities

My research is focused on Tectonics, especially active and young tectonics of Late Cenozoic time. My main research interest is in the tectonic evolution of, and processes that form, oblique plate boundaries. More specifically, I study basins and related faults that form in these settings, and the processes and evolution of areas with mixed strike-slip and dip-slip faulting. My research is field based and my students and I use the methods of structural geology, stratigraphy, and related disciplines to understand tectonic problems. The research I conduct is inevitably collaborative with researchers in many other fields, but especially in paleontology, sedimentology, geochronology, petrology, marine seismology, geodesy, and paleomagnetism.