Bachelor of Science or Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

If you are more interested in environmental issues from the broadest perspectives, we offer a BS or BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. You choose a focus from one of two emphasis areas:


  • Global Sustainability
  • Southwest Environments and Biocultural Diversity


Internship and research projects are required for this major to give senior students real world experiences within the environmental programs. 
Contact our adviser for more information.

For a recommended 4-year course plan:

Bachelor/Juris Doctor 3+3 Program

This plan is eligible for NAU's 3+3 program offered in conjunction with the University of Arizona's James E.Rogers College of Law. This program allows outstanding students to substitute their final year of undergraduate studies with their first year of law school and earn an undergraduate (BS or BA) and law (JD) degree in six years instead of seven years. See the catalog page for more information.