Graduate degrees

MS in Climate Science and Solutions

The professional science MS in Climate Science and Solutions offers an interdisciplinary approach to address the societally relevant issues related to global climate change—giving you a distinct advantage in a world that is facing a shortage of qualified climate change professionals.

Beginning Fall 2016, Climate Science and Solutions is offering an accelerated 4+1 program option to outstanding current SESES undergraduate majors. This integrated program allows students to use six credit hours towards both their BS/BA and MS, allowing for completion of both degrees within 5 years. Find out more!

MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy

The MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy offers the opportunity to apply a scientific understanding of the environment to inform policy decisions. An emphasis in paleoenvironmental sciences draws from several disciplines to develop broad competence in earth and environmental sciences, while specializing in an analytical technique used to reconstruct long-term environmental variability. An emphasis in science and policy allows students a scientific examination of natural resources (such as air, water, and land) and integration of this scientific knowledge with an examination of environmental law, regulation, and policy.

MS in Geology

About 90% of past students with MS Geology degrees from NAU are employed in the areas of environmental and engineering consulting industry, energy industry, teaching and other related jobs, and federal and state agencies. The MS in Geology offers the opportunity to research sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, along with stratigraphy, structure, volcanology, surficial processes, and water resources. View a list of complete theses from the geology faculty and students.

PhD in Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

The PhD in Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability offers three different emphases that all focus on research and educational opportunities Earth and planetary systems, climate and landscape change, and engineering sustainable systems. 

How to apply

Entry into any SESES Graduate Program requires an online application through the Graduate College.

To apply for the Master's or Doctoral Program, a student must have an accredited bachelor's degree. General requirements for admission to the Graduate College are available in the Graduate Catalog.

A completed application for admission will include:

  • An online APPLICATION for admission to the NAU Graduate College, with the required application fee;
  • TRANSCRIPTS of all undergraduate and graduate course work;
  • Three LETTERS of recommendation from academic or professional supervisors (download the referee form from the online application);
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) SCORES (the general test only; the advanced subject test is optional and neither test is required for the Climate Science and Solutions Program);
  • A STATEMENT of your interests in and goals for a M.S. program, and your reasons for pursuing an advanced degree;
  • Submission by the January 15 application deadline.

A potential faculty advisor must be identified by the applicant before application to the program. This advisor will assist you in developing your program of study.