Learning communities

Residence Life has developed on-campus communities where like-minded students live and study together.  These learning communities will enrich your campus and educational experience, opening you up to student connections and recreational opportunities.

Learning communities host events and activities designed to build strong connections between you, other students, faculty, and staff:

  • make friends
  •  benefit from study groups
  •  improve your academic experience

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The college has six learning communities, all in Reilly Hall:

Chemistry and biochemistry

The Chemistry and Biochemistry learning community brings together approximately 30 students interested in careers in the pure sciences or the health care professions. If you’re majoring in chemistry/biochemistry, forensics, or health professions, this community could be a great fit for you.

Eco house

The Eco House learning community is a residential and academic community that focuses on making positive environmental change through:

  • environmental research and education
  • community engagement
  • personal change


The Engineering learning community brings together students majoring in electrical, mechanical, civil, and environmental engineering. This community supports students as they gain the tools, knowledge, and perspectives they need to become leaders within the engineering profession.

Forestry “Tree House”

The Forestry “Tree House”  is a community of approximately 30 freshmen majoring in forestry. The learning community is designed to build a community of future foresters dedicated to sharing common academic and extra-curricular interests.

NAU Teach

Join the NAUTeach learning community to connect with others who want to learn more about the teaching profession. The NAUTeach learning community sponsors group activities and advising along with a serious inquiry into exploring the teaching profession.

Physics and astronomy

The Physics and Astronomy learning community connects students who are interested in the physics, astronomy or engineering physics. Join this group to meet other students, get to know the faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, find people to study with, and go on field trips to local spots of scientific interest.

Also available, although not specifically linked to CEFNS:

Biomedical Professions

The Biomedical Professions learning community is designed for students interested in biomedical careers such as medicine, pharmacy, optometry, occupational therapy and may other areas in health care.  This learning community is located in Wilson Hall.