Printing on a Windows machine

This is probably one of the simplest things to setup in Windows.

The college has access to variety of servers that provide our connections to network printers.

For CEFNS staff and faculty we try to exclusively use a server named SERVICES.

For students there is a single server: ACADPRINT2.

Anyone who is logged on a Windows computer that is a part of the NAU network can connect to these servers.

It is a simply a matter of typing the path to the server in either the “run” utility on the Start Menu (CTRL +R key combination) or into the address bar in “My Computer” and pressing enter.

You just need to type one of these two: For CEFNS staff and faculty \\SERVICES: 



For students \\ACADPRINT2:



In most cases we use the following naming convention: type of printer; building, room. So the dell3100-21-227 would be the Dell 3100 printer in building 21, room 227. If no middle number exists then that printer is in Engineering building 69.

All that a user needs to do is double-click the appropriate printer and that is it. The printer is set up on their computer and will remain so until it is deleted from the local printer’s folder.

If a printer you need is not on the list please contact our help desk 3-8084 or to check or get one created.

Either method will open a “My Computer” window with the right-hand pane showing the “printer shares.”

 In some case on SERVICES there are security restrictions for access to some printers.

The student print server is exclusively for printing in the computer labs.

If you use a Konica-Minolta copier where "Account Track" has been enabled follow the instructions below to set it correctly:
In your printers folder (found on the Start Menu) right-click the newly added printer and choose: “Printing Preferences.”

On the Basic tab, on the right, click “Authentication/Account Track:” Konica1

Then in the next dialog, input your password and leave the Department Name box empty, then click on Verify  Konica2


You only have to do this once unless the code changes.

For some of the Konica-Minolta copiers they are set to prompt for a code for every print job - please check with your department administrator.