Pete Gomersall, IT Systems Manager

Pete has worked in the IT industry for nearly 20 years. He is a specialist in Windows Operating System administration, computer imaging/deployment and systems integration. Prior to coming to the US Pete worked in the UK as a Head of IT for several educational establishments and as a consultant teaching Microsoft Curriculum classes to the IT community. Pete has work for NAU for nine years initially working for Geology and Mathematics and Statistic before the new College was formed.

Primary Duties

As IT Systems Manager for the college, Pete oversees all IT that is deployed, managed, and planned for in the future.

Knowledge Base

  • Windows Imaging and Deployment
  • Windows System Administration

Contact Information

Pete can be reached @ x6877 and is located in Building 69, room 210. 

Email: pete.gomersall@nau.edu

Clint Baker, Systems Administrator Sr.

Clint has over 10 years professional experience in the IT industry, specializing in UNIX/Linux administration and hardware maintenance. He joined the old College of Engineering and Technology in 2004 as a student worker and was hired on full-time in 2006.

Primary Duties

Clint installs, configures, and maintains the 50+ Solaris and Linux servers and related hardware that provide services to all of CEFNS, as well as end-user support for the college.

Knowledge Base

  • Solaris/Linux Administration
  • Hardware
  • A/V Systems
  • Omnilocks

Contact Information

Clint can be reached @ x5731 and is located in Building 69, room 225B. 

Email: clint.baker@nau.edu

Shawn Fowler, Support Systems Analyst Sr.

Shawn has worked for NAU for a number of years primarily with Modern Languages. Starting with Windows lab administration/deployments, and moving to Mac OS X system administration. For the past few years he has been developing websites in PHP/MySQL. He also serves as Research Coordinator for the Genocide Resource Project at NAU.

With a background in Art History and Political Science, Shawn has been working in IT and on genocide related research for the last five years. In 2007, Shawn received two research grants and an endowment to create a Genocide Geographical Information System. In early 2008 he spent nearly three months in Berlin, Germany conducting research for the project. For the last three years he has been working on the analysis and digitization of the publication Der Stürmer.

Primary Duties

Shawn supports the college computing labs (Windows lab builds and setups), websites, Macintosh user base, and provides end user support for north campus.

Knowledge Base

  • Mac OS X
  • Web Development
  • Windows Imaging and Deployment

Contact Information

Shawn can be reached @ x5702 and is located in Building 21, room 153. 

Email: shawn.fowler@nau.edu

Ben Liszewski, Support Systems Analyst Sr.

Years of intense training within the depths of Computer Science and CEFNS have honed Ben into the perfect IT professional. He doesn't work on computers so much anymore as he just tells them what to do. Even if you haven't met Ben in person it is becoming increasingly likely he has already done something for you, with extensive software development for the Lumberjack Mathematics Center, CEFNS's Sun Ray thin clients, and many web forms and online resources. But Ben's superhuman abilities don't stop there; he also administrates omnilocks, maintains Linux servers, and saves kittens*.

*Saving kittens may be only indirectly related to Ben's work.

Primary Duties

Ben develops software systems to meet the oft unique challenges faced by CEFNS departments and is the go-to for CEFNS omnilocks. He also administrates servers and can provide support for most CEFNS resources.

Knowledge Base

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Omnilock Programming
  • Linux Administration
  • General Support

Contact Information

Ben can be reached @ x5732 and is located in Building 69, room 225A. 

Email: benjamin.liszewski@nau.edu

Don Speer, Support Systems Analyst

Don has a combined 10+ years of professional experience beginning with the military.  He served his duty at MAWTS-1 the most advanced in Marine aviation, weapons, and tactics training school in the world. This is were Don began his career in the IT and computer science field.  He now has 4+ years with computer/technical professional experience. He began his studies at NAU in 2009 and is completing his Computer Science degree. Working only part-time you may find Don working in the new Lumberjacks Mathematics Center (LMC) or the Adel Math Building. 

Primary Duties

Don supports the college computing labs on north campus, provides end user support for CEFNS resources, and manages the new LMC.

Knowledge Base

  • Hardware support
  • Windows system administration
  • Mac OS X / Linux
  • Networking
  • Development languages
  • Security

Contact Information

Don can be reached @ x0467 and is located in Building 26, room 170.

Email: donald.speer@nau.edu

Keith Caton, Help Desk Technician

Keith is a student of Computer Science offering on the spot support and helping us with day-to-day IT operations.